Pilot Training

Blue Ray Aviation prides in developing state-of-the-art infrastructure along with a fleet of 7 aircrafts, operating out of our locations at Osmanabad and Mehsana airfields.

At Blue Ray Aviation, we impart training to acquire PPL in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the civil aviation authority of India. A PPL enables a person to fly an aircraft for leisure.

The commercial pilot license allows one to professionally fly an aircraft.

Airline Transport Pilot License is required by a CPL holder to professionally fly aircrafts above the weight of 5,700 kgs. Blue Ray Aviation offers ground classes for ATPL.


This particular course is geared towards candidates interested in becoming Flying Instructors.

Blue Ray Aviation assists in converting a valid Commercial Pilot License acquired abroad to an Indian commercial Pilot License.

Blue Ray Aviation offers assistance in renewal of current and lapsed pilot license for PPL and CPL holders.


The fleet

Cessna 152

Cessna 152 is a two seater, tricycle-gear, general aviation airplane, used for flight training and personal recreation. This model is based on Cessna 150 with a few minor design changes and a powerful engine.

Cessna 172

Blue Ray Aviation is currently in possession of 5 Skyhawks. Cessna 172, famously known as Cessna Skyhawk, is a flight training favourite and the most desirable aircraft for student pilots with a sturdy landing system, high wing design and enhanced visibility.

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